Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Holy...... Oh, goodie =^________^=

Guess what? Apparently, computers on the DHCP based network that the math department/building runs on is accessible via WLAN (as in, the internet).

You know what this means?

All I need to do is swipe one of the macs sitting the the far corner of the room, hide it somewhere and loop an ethernet cable out the hidden mac, and volia~! my own server again.

:D With infinite bandwidth. I've seen connection speeds of up to 300 KB/s down and up.

Oh, and it also means that bittorrent runs like the way it SHOULD here! AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA...

So cool. So so cool. Hehehehehe... I'll be here more often, without a doubt.

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