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A new virus targeting Mac OS X is not expected to cause much trouble. But malcode experts said it should serve as a warning to those using alternatives to Microsoft that their machines are not attack-proof.

"I don't see this particular virus as much of a threat, but I worry about the functionality of it," said Mikko Hypponen, director of antivirus research for Finnish antivirus firm F-Secure Corp. "It shows there's a lot of activity in the underground hacking community to find ways to attack Macintosh systems."

The virus, known as Opener or Renopo, attempts to turn off the Mac OS X firewall and other security software. It will download and install hacker tools for password-sniffing and cracking, make key system directories world-writeable and create an admin-level user for later system abuse, according to Lynnfield, Mass.-based antivirus firm Sophos. It also turns off accounting and logging functions to help hide its presence, the company said....

[ source |,289142,sid14_gci1019129,00.html?track=NL-102&ad=494263 ]

::sighs:: Fuck you, PeeCee people. Go back to your shitty windows and leave me alone.

(Yeah, I know I just pissed off at least one person. Well, atm, I don't give a flying fuck. And comments complaining about that statement can go roast themselves in hell.)

[edit] Yes, I have told window users to come over. And in the slightest way, it's partially my own fault.

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