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iPod... gets even better.

First, the special edition version, in black, with a red wheel. Actually looks pretty cool and unique.

And I was wandering across the site, hunting the iTunes update (4.7, I believe?) when I saw the image of an iPod with color photos, and was like, what the fuck? Color? And yes, indeed, they gave the iPod a COLOR SCREEN. Not to mention the largest iPod is now 60GB. O.o for $600. Damn ^^;;;

But, oh my god. What's next? Movies? You could put a movie on that thing. Hell, you could leave it uncompressed, and save on power (no decoding)

No new games, alas. Apple seriously needs new games. Or open the iPod source! Oh, that'd rock so much! ([Edit] Note: there's already a LinuxOS for the iPod. Yepyep. It's for the cautious only, but there's not that much there, last time I checked (early this summer). But now they'll have so much more to work with... oh yeah, so much more.)

(yeah, this might be old news for those of you that follow apple news, but I don't, so forgive my enthusiasm.)

Anyhow, going back to work now~

[edit|Hmm, gams is a word...? o.O]

Dude, it just hit me. It'd be so damn cool to use your iPod to give a presentation! Imagine that......

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