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Down in the comp lab, sending files home~ There's 11 GB free, but I can only really fill up another 5-6 GB. Wouldn't be hard at all, just time consuming. I've uploaded around 2 GB already in the past two+ hours.

While Transmit (the FTP/SFTP program I'm using to upload stuff home) displays an average of 200-250 KB/s up, I appear to be getting around twice that? Mmm, then again, I'm not sure when exactly I started.

I've transfered a total of 2.8 GB at this workstation.

Mmm... mp3's hm? Yeah, I'll post soon. People (Not family, thank you) would be kind to remind me. I'm not going to do it now, because chem is going well, and this is only meant to be a short break. Looks like I'll be able to finish chem stuff before midnight.

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