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The Full Monty

WOW. Hehe, ok, the $32 spent was worth it. I was a tad bit far, but it was done well, and the seating arrangements were tight, but raised to that you could see the stage perfectly, even if the person sitting in front of you is of average height. Nice.

Sound... One lav died, but it wasn't critical. Orchestra of 9?11 people. Mmmmmm, I could hear actors well, levels were perfect (of course, these are pros~).

Lighting... Wow. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Shiiiiinnnny. Oh, and they've got gobos(sp?) of all sorts, spinning, moving lights, white blinky strobes, color strobes, and that damn big bright THE FULL MONTY sign. Mmmm, yes, lights matched things well. One small light mistake (a late light that was supposed to come on with another at the same time.) and the spots were a bit quaky. But spots are always quaky, so meh. Oh, they used the spots interestingly too... like, they'd have downlight on an actor (oh, yeah, use of downlight(??? light shown directly down on top of the actors head, putting him in the center of a perfect circle) was awesome.) and then spotlight the top half (from stomache to a little over his head) of the actor, so he's surrounded by a fuzzy glow-kinda. And it's done so it's not apparent that he's being spotlighted.

Set... was awesome. They had a fly system ::drool:: and lots of things that swung in and out. Also, I didn't see running. Well, no, once or twice... and plus, I'm kinda far back, but there's some things that moved in odd ways... Also, they've got really low platforms that don't look like they're on wheels, but can be pulled offstage? o.O I'm considering the possibility that they just have running crew hide in the back of the set pieces that moved in unusual ways and pull them off as needed. I know other ones were attached to a pole/rope/stick thing that shoved it onstage, then pulled it offstage. Mmmm, minimal piece, really, but it worked. Also, the backdrop was like... made of several layers, and could turn transparent, for changes to various settings.

Songs... the best of Big Ass Rock (mp3 postable, just ask.) mmmm, followed by Let It Go (also postable, again, just ask.). Mmm, I thought You Walk With Me was done decently well... possibly hit a few spots in the audience, but the clapping that followed was only.. meh. Then again, it's not exactly an upbeat song, so......

Actors... I'm not really a good judge of actors, but I'd say they all did very, very well. Especially the main characters. The little kid (Nathan?) was rather cute too, and considering age vs. large audience, awesome. I wouldn't have had the guts to do that. Noah "Horse" Simmons was good as well (the "old black guy"). Oh, dancing was awesomely done.

Mmm, looking over the cast-list-who's-who thing... I don't know which Nathan played tonight (There's two listed in the main cast list), but one's 10 and the other's 12. ::awe:: The 10 year old is also a competitive gymnast and dancer.

Anyhow, all in all... Wow. Dude, sometimes, watching great these things makes me want to grow up to work in professional theatre. So nifty... They got a standing ovation, which they deserved.

Oh, yeah, I need to get the soundtrack. Well, they don't have that many great songs (and the ones that are truly great, I already have) but I've been searching on Acquisition without that many positive results. Found like... 8 or so songs, but for some odd reason, some of them aren't in the playbill as a listed song. o.O Confusion abounds, but I'm sure there's some logical reason behind that.

Oh, yeah, scans (eh, make that camera pictures) of the playbill are available, again, just ask, 'specially you, Lady or Mandy.

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