Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I did absolutely no work today... I sat around, managed to DESTROY (God knows how.. sheesh) one of the horizontal lines on my calculator. So now it looks like THIS!

Damnit, I can't take the AP/IB exams with it like this!!!!!!!! -.- I hate my stupid calculator. I've e-mailed TI, hopefully they'll have a quick fix. Doubt it tho... ::sighs and curls up and moans:: I'm so screwed...

And talking about being screwed... computer was screwed today as well.. dunno, I had to boot from an external drive, run a massive disk checking/repairing... and that made my main disk display 36.5GB free. Which is impossible. So I rebooted, discovered my main disk didn't boot anymore... And so I had to run apple's disk first aid. Both the classic and MacOS Server 10.1.4 version... Now we're down to 7 overlapped extent allocation errors or what not... and they're not going away. Well, it's an improvement from the 40 so that I had before....

Anyways, I'm booting off of the main hard disk now.. ::crosses fingers and prays things go well::

Jeeze, everything technical is screwing up like crazy around me today.

And I still haven't gotten any work done. fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck....

oh, and adium doesn't work anymore. GAH =-.-= nevermind. Downloaded another copy of adium. It fixed itself... ah, it feels good to be back online again.

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