Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

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World of Warcraft's being stupid and not letting me sign in.

Also, apparently I managed to get an account by luck or something. Strange stuff, as my friend has very recently (2 hours ago) informed me that the signups were closed, and had been closed for a good number of days (12ish).

Lastly, the downloader is kinda strange... it's downloading sequentially... Not in random packets, like BitTorrent does. How do I know this? The active file is slowly being filled up, bit by bit, byte by byte. And everything else is at zero, and completely untouched. Kinda stupid, actually... What I don't understand is that it keeps touching the complete files (well, assumed complete)... their modification date keeps updating to the current time/day. Why bother, unless they're not really complete, but the sizes aren't changing at all.

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