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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Yay, wireless~
I have a $10 wireless router now~ ::glee:: it's probably a bit of a waste of money, 'cause it's not really needed, but it's convenient, so I can work on my soft bed and not on my hard chair.

Netgear, it was, and it took a while to get it set up the way I liked, while figuring out the stupid problems associated with various things.

Stuff I turned on:
-Broadcast Mode's been disabled. This means people can't wander in and catch the SSID and connect. Also, the NetTechs can't find the network, unless they're sniffing for networks.
-Encryption's been turned on. 128-bit, which is probably more than I need, because...
-Selective MAC address based connections have been turned on, and only my wireless card can access the network. Also to prevent NetTechs from getting a hold of things. Although it's pretty easy to just measure the signal of a network by strolling back and forth in the hallway. However, since broadcast mode's been turned off, I doubt sniffing will let them catch enough packets they need to find me on signal strength alone.

The downside of the increased security:
Connecting needs to be done manually. Since it doesn't broadcast, Internet Connect won't automatically sense it. And because of the encryption method (Automatic, as opposed to Open System or Shared Key, neither of which I fully understand, although I did a bit of reading) causes me to have to enter in the hex key, instead of the passphrase. And that's a pain in the ass.

The upside in general:
-I now have two MAC addresses that I can use to download with, the wireless, than my wired one. Which means my quota is effectively 1.5GB per day. A decent amount... and probably more than I'll need unless people release 6 episodes a day. Or something.
-I can work on my bed, surrounded by comfy pillows and Iorek Byrinson.

To do:
Study. Got an ECE 110 hour exam monday that I should know how to do. Still, reviewing the notes would be beneficial.
Study. Japanese. As usual. Argh. =T.T= I HATE LANGUAGES. WHY? WHY?? Farq'n memory. Farq'n test anxiety.
Study. Math. Got a quiz monday, and I haven't really been doing the homework... well, no, I've done them, but I've been doing the second half of things, which means I don't necessarily get the basics... (my partner has been doing the first half)
Return library books got for studying.
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porsupah From: porsupah Date: November 12th, 2004 07:41 pm (UTC) (Link)
$10 wireless? Eep! Where? (Presumably another of those accursed "send in your receipt, coupon, side of the box, your shoe size, third and sixth digits of your passport number, and you should receive an apology back in 3-6 months" rebate affairs? :)

Ah, they limit per MAC? Interesting. What if one were to change MAC addresses? (Not to be uncivil, of course - they do have bandwidth bills to pay for)

Is all this because of my vague recollection that they wanted to prohibit personal WLANs, or am I just getting confused? (Wouldn't, it has to be said, be the first time)
ibneko From: ibneko Date: November 12th, 2004 07:59 pm (UTC) (Link)
Eh, rebate's over now, you'd have to have ordered it by Nov. 6 ^^;; sorry, I'll post it earlier next time I see these things~ I got it off DealMac, btw... you can subscribe to their e-mail notifications... pretty good stuff.

Yep, DHCP for IP address, based off MAC address, and the address lease is semi-permament, I believe. And yes, change MAC address will 'clear' your download limit, but I'm sure if you do it too often, someone will notice. (I have a friend who apparently's registered a few 10 or so different MAC addresses on his floor)

And yes, they do prohibit personal WLANs. Hence the cloked-encryped-etc. settings.
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