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Goddamn Spammail......

Was so irritated by the major amount of spam mail I keep getting... and the pointlessness of the contents that I wrote up a small java program to do the following until [X] -> 0

a) connect to a certain IP and port
b) send "DO NOT SEND SPAM TO! [X] notices left to send." where [X] is a small counter that goes from 10,000 to 0. :D
c) closes the connection

:D I love being able to program small things like this...
Currently, I've done this to 80 (http port) and 25 (sendmail/SMTP port)
& 80 (http port) and 25 (sendmail/SMTP port)

I'm sure 10,000 should be enough to get someone's attention. And if it didn't, well, I fired off a few e-mails to the root/postmaster/webmaster addresses on those IPs...

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