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wheee, a ball, a ball...

It's apparently a Snub Do decahedron, composed of 12 pentagons (oooh, goodie) and 80 equatorial triangles...

or an alternate shot

Took nearly 3 hours. Delightful, but highly satisfying waste of time. Wheee~

Oh, and we're down to 2 exams remaining. Calc exam today was, well, not too bad, but not wonderfully good either. There were two that I didn't know how to do, and several that I left blank because I couldn't find the answer in the multiple choice. Weirdness. Oh well, praying I didn't make as many stupid, brainless mistakes as I usually do on tests. (is actually a very very careless person when it comes to tests...)

Wanna go work on the MUD, byebye... So far, there's a world you can move around in... now to get players to be able to communicate with each other... mmmm... I think I know how, but does anyone know if it java passes variables by reference or by .. the other thing.. what's its name... whatever...

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