Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

You know...

I wish people would say something before blocking you completely out of your life. Well, on AIM and in LiveJournal anyways. Although I did kinda start it in the first place, mostly because said person's.. well, not hard to deal with, but it wouldn't result in the sort of friendship that'd be worth it in the long run, as (from what I've been told, and from what she's told me), she doesn't care about anything that isn't in her own interests. So essentially, I'd just be there so she wouldn't be alone. And for a few other, more superficial reasons. And while I get companionship out of it, seeing how she acts for herself in mind only, I probably won't be able to expect friendly help from her if I need it some day.

Her roommate, on the other hand, is a lot harder to deal with... If it was said person alone, I guess I wouldn't have minded being there as much, but her roommate's completely the opposite. And sporadic. She might expain a verbal threat as a joke later, but honestly, I can never tell. Which make her very uncomfortable to be around. Perhaps she (the roommate) just doesn't like me, and doesn't want to say so, so pretends to be occationally nice and polite/friendly. [edit]Or, you know, it could be that she trusts me more than she trust other people I've seen her around, so she's willing to let loose and let her feelings show through threats and demands? I doubt it though..

Oh well. If either of you read this (I honestly doubt they well.), a comment to correct me, explain/clarify, or rant logically, would be appreciated.

Granted, if I ever see either of them in trouble, I'll still step in to help... It's not in me to turn down a person who was once a friend, regardless of the state of the friendship. That is, assuming I continue to remember the times we spent together.

It's true then, what people say... relationships move much faster in college, because you see each other a lot more. How sad.

I'd also like to get in touch with Kaminari/Siobhan (said person's good friend, who I spoke to once) as well.

Let this be closure then.

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