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I paid for my first piece of shareware.

Mmm. I think. Was this my first?

It was for Synergy. Why? Because I like it very much, I spoke to the author over e-mail, and I enjoyed his article on Costs of running a software small business.

So now I have a nice iTunes controller in my menubar... thin, small, convenient.

Plus (this is a major one for me), it offers global hot keys to set the ratings as 0,1,2,3,4,5, increase rating, and decrease rating. Plus, it also has global hot key to play/pause, go to the previous track, next track, increase iTunes volume, decrease volume, mute, toggle shuffle, set repeat mode, bring iTunes to the front or hide it, show or hide the floating notification system, show/hide menu bar buttons.

And next to it is WinSwitch, donationware, providing a replacement menu extra for apple's quick user switching menu. (Meaning you don't have to see your entire name there. You also have the option of displaying your usericon instead, or initials, etc.)

The best thing about Synergy, is that it has a pretty good reaction time. There's little delay after a hot key combo is pressed.

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