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4 exams

Mmm, studying with classical playing works nicely. So far, anyways. I can slip into the deep concentration thing, despite the fact that I'm in a cafeteria like room, with lots of people wandering around. Well, that, and most people are studying.

Japanese exam monday
Math and Chemistry exams tuesday
ECE exam wednesday
Flight home thursday

I've got 4 hours before midnight. 16 hours tomorrow. Then about 3-4 hours monday morning.

I've made a chart with the verbs and their polite/plain present/past forms.
I'm going to do adj. next, followed by general reviewing of chapters and various sentence forms.
Following that, I should go over vocabulary as well, as well as hiragana and katakana.
Then Kanji.

Sometime between now and then, I should review for math and chemistry. And ECE. 'cause chemistry ends at 10 PM wednesday, and ECE is 8 AM wednesday. So there's about 1 hour of study time between the two. 'cause 8 hours of sleep would be ideal. That means I should have ECE studied for before the math exam tuesday.

Should be:
Japanese: for the rest of tonight
ECE tomorrow morning
Chemistry tomorrow afternoon, then Japanese at night
Japanese monday morning, and final reviews and such
Math and Chemistry monday night, after the Japanese exam
Math tuesday morning, Chemistry after the Math exam.
Then ECE reviewing after the Chemistry exam.

Okey, back to studying.

[edit | I should study for Math tuesday morning, rather]

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