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mmmm... 1 more week/2 exams left (AP Physics C and IB SL Comp Science). Then the weird schedule high school exams week that doesn't apply to us (w00t~!) with an english oral (blegh) and the World Lit paper and EE rough draft due at the ends of that week/start of the next.

Should begin work on one of those (oral, world lit, or EE). Especially since there's no homework these days due to chaotic AP/IB exam schedules. Must work less on the MUD even though it's amazingly fun to figure out what the MUD must do, then take it apart in your mind to figure out how you're going to get there.

Oh well, accomplishments today, so far: read 1/2 chapter of the physics stuff that we haven't covered yet. Am taking the EM part of the Physics C, since I paid for the exam. Not expecting a passing score, but hell, I'll assume it'll be fun. Also made changed to the recent and friends styles here at livejournal. 3 days remaining for me to make further changes. I really won't miss the loss of the "paid" account status, I don't keep more than 5 userpics, and rarely use them anyways. And styles, well, deadjournal and ibjournal(or ibcorner) both let me do whatever, so it's all good.

this isn't my usual writing style/online voice ^_^

TAFU was nice yesterday... it was Lady, the teacher (the sponsor?) and myself. And somehow the conversation (eh, it was a weak conversation, we weren't really talking that much) reached the topic of the meaning of life (I think the teacher asked me how things were going? dunno, don't remember...) and I said what I believe (um, that the meaning of life for me, at least, is to make people happy. I've posted on this before, somewhere, but I can't find it now -.-) and later/now, I look back and see myself saying what I've thought for a long while, and I get this wonderful sense of wow, I do know where I want to go in life, beyond all the material things like money and jobs and stuff.... it's very nice... wish I could find that previous post though, so I can save it... I recall listing, informally, some requirements I realized that I needed to reach the point of being able to make other people happy... eh, I dunno. will go look for it again....

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