Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Ego Boost: Xella!

An awesome, strange person/artist! Well, if not "artist", then person with artistic skills. She makes pretty layouts, has astounding mood/userpic sets, and often amusing entries... As in, like, you don't see people telling the world that they need to shower. =^.^= Ok, maybe I'm just weird.

Oh, yes, and she's weird (like, the funny-strange-good weird) too~ And she has a nicely written disclaimer. Or "had", rather, since it looks like it poofyed.

Dum dee dum. I'm really bad at this...

Oh, yeah! She be author (erm, I'm pretty sure this is correct, unless my memory's playing tricks on me) of Bowspirit's Aim (LJ Comm) - Go read, 'cause it's still short, and you know you don't want to start reading when it gets to be 100+ pages long, like sluggy or megatokyo or herdthinners.

And how many people do you know will write "Silly [their name], no cookies." on their own journal?

Plus, she doesn't do the friend-only journal stuff, like many livejournal people now and days. One of the few of us.

Aside from all of the above, I really don't know her well enough to say much more =^^=;;; Although she was cool too in that I didn't scare her off with my pretty random, "Hey, I'm going to stalk you, kthx?" comment when I first added her. Forgot why it was... probably livejournal codes + pretty art + interesting person/disclaimer = spiffy person to friend.

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