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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
10-pack 4.7GB DVD-R media $15-$15 rebate = $0 [ http://www.ecost.com/ecost/shop/detail.asp?dpno=466348 ]
and a
Silver Optical Mouse from i-rocks (some Taiwanese company) $14.99-$14.99 rebate = $0 [ http://www.ecost.com/ecost/shop/detail.asp?dpno=517276 ]
gives me >$25 = free shipping.
No tax.

Wheee, free mouse and DVD media! (or I could have gotten the 12-in-one card media reader, but I really don't need that... we already have one...

Here's the 11-in-one card reader http://www.ecost.com/ecost/shop/detail.asp?DPNo=520455 ... You'll probably have a higher chance of using this to get free shipping, since there's still 18 of these left, and only 2 of the DVD-R media... (Don't worry about the mice.. there's like 100+ of those remaining...)
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