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::sighs:: Ow, headache.

Couldn't figure out if those were chewable Tylenol or not.. oh well. (Ended up swallowing them) And no, Lady, it didn't say. I looked all over the bottle, and the box that it came in.

Head needs to stop hurting. While it's not insane pain, it's nagging, a bit like the sleep-too-much-headaches. Or slept-too-much-in-a-bad-position headache. 'cause my neck hurts too.

Mmm, so this makes the first bit of medicine for more than several months.

And yes, Belinda, I will feel better. So save yourself the trouble of commenting, I know you care, k? =^.^= Seeing proof that you care annoys me. Or bugs me, for some reason~

Anyways, now to study. Argh.

Two Down, Two To Go!

You know, at this rate, I'm not going to have the ability to study for ECE. I've already hit the point where it's just.. OMG, more fucking studying? Hell, it's like IB+AP EXAMS ALL OVER AGAIN~ WHEEE. 'cept in a compressed, three day period for four exams, each 3 hours long (although not necessarily taking the full three hours).

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