Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Huh. Static was the problem...

Recall the strange watch-with-blinking-seconds?

Yeah, I think I figured it out. Apparently, because it's so dry, static get generated _VERY_ easily. Hence, when I strip, or put things on, static gets generated by the 100% polyester... sweater thingie I have, and somehow, this hits the watch on occasions. It's also why I get pops and feels of being zapped in my ears when I have that sweater on, along with my iPod. That tends to hurt... and somehow, I don't imagine it being good for the earphones either. Hum. Yeah, I've learned to ground myself by holding onto a nearby metal object before taking off the sweater, so I don't majorly zap myself in the ears.

So. Any useful advice on how to deal with static-y clothing?

(Oh, yeah, and I zap people when I shake their hands. ::amused:: Fear me~! Although it doesn't always work, 'cause I'm usually grounded, and charges go through me instead of through others...)

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