Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

What I learned today:

#1. It is impossible to learn a semester's worth of stuff for an AP exam in three days. No matter how hard you don't try.

#2. It is possible to finish an extremely difficult exam in half the time given by making educated guesses.

#3. If they don't let you use the calculator, you can expect problems to be harder.

#4. Diagramming the circuitry of a "massager" on an AP Physics exam (Electric/Magnetism section) can be an amusing waste on one's time.

#5. Taking an exam that you know absolutely nothing about will provide an equal mix of depressed ("GOD I'm failing!") and amused ("What the heck is this symbol, it looks like a squiggly snake!") emotions.

#6. It takes 5 minutes to calculate the percentage of failure for the multiple choice section.

#7. I don't ever want to do that again.

Well, took the AP Physics C exam, both mechanics and electric/magnetism sections. Was only supposed to take the mechanics section, but I thought, hell, since I paid for the exam, why not sit for the whole damn thing. (Um.. pardon the cursing, that's just my brain speaking.) So I had studied the stuff we had not covered yet (for the curious, why? because the IB Physics course is a two year course, so we've only covered half of what AP is testing.) for the past three so days, using the AP Physics prep book.

Dunno how badly I did, but you know, I actually didn't really care that much. It's not good of me to do that, but my other option would be to stress myself out and get ulcers or something.

Anyways, 1 last exam left, IB SL Computer Science. Thursday/Friday (two part exam). Should go study or maybe work on my EE or World Lit, but you know, I'm going to go program.

Ja ne~

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