Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Whee, just watched Detective Conan Movie #8~

Tis good, yo~ Kaido(sp?) Kid's cool. Kewl cool. If he were real . . . =^^=

I need to watch more movies this break...
On my list of stuff to see:
The Incredibles (porsupah's recommendation)
A Series of Unfortunate Events. While I don't usually like books->movies, the book wasn't exactly the best possible thing in the world, and the trailer looked slightly interesting.
Phantom Of The Opera. Dec. 22!
Polar Express. 'cause Lady wanted to see it (dunno if she ever did.. did you?), and it doesn't look bad.
Ocean's Twelve. If it was as good as ocean's eleven. Although, Ocean's twelve just doesn't have that right of it... the number eleven, you know.
There was snow today.

In other news, there's a cute google pic~

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