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Let it be known that it's crap. Granted, free, yes, so thus crap=reasonable. But what's with this lack-of-editing-themes thing? Well, no, they probably can be edited, but like... can't drag Drop Zone? Want to center the squarish thingie.

And no burning to external drives? And generally unsupported drives? Bad! Workaround is available though, and there's a logical legal reason behind it (MPEG-2 support and licensing fees)

I'd love to get my paws on DVD Studio Pro. Final Cut Pro be pretty and powerful looking, kinda like Photoshop. And I've seen what Final Cut Pro can do, and I boggle. There's a lackage of importing and exporting abilities there too, but that might be just me. And more powerful menu iteming capabilities would be much appreciated.

Let me take all that back for now. I haven't read help yet, and haven't really looked into it's true limitations, so I don't know if it really is limited. However, I can say that I've looked into the actual themes files, and they are complex, beyond easy readability. :P Which means no quick hacks that way.

[edit #2]
For the curious: Here's what I'm doing. Our new camcorder records directly to mini DVDs, which are playable on most DVD players. And there's recording of several of my mom's students on there, and various families want copies, so my job is to take the clips off the mini DVDs (in DVD format - .vob files), and shove them onto another DVD that people can take home and watch.

While, yes, I could use DVD2OneX to strip the DVD of the proper clips, there's no fun (and pain) in doing that. Plus, you don't get a menu.~

(Side note, the black keyboard is much harder than my iBook's keyboard. It hurts my fingers.)

~Um, yeah, where was I...? Oh. Yeah, so what I'm doing is a 2 step process:
1) Strip .vob files off DVD, reencode as .dv files (I suppose other stuff would work too, but I think I'd lose the least amount of data converting to dv. Feel free to correct me. Either way, it needs to be something quicktime can read, 'cause that's iDVD's requirement in terms of video.)
2) Use iDVD to add a menu, add the clip. Encode to DVD format, outputting a disk image. Then burn, with toast. Or apple's disk utilities.

It's rather.. redundant. And I'm pretty sure there's a better way to go about doing it. But I'm not really done reading that insides-of-a-DVD page. Well, no, I'm done reading, but it's complex.

Yeah, grammar's dying, as are fingers and spelling. I'm going to bed now. iDVD can continue encoding... (it's been busy doing that for the past.... hour or so now, I think.)

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