Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


It's 1:40, and we still haven't left for NJ yet. Stuff has been loaded onto my computer to watch on the way there - two anime movies... Detective Conan Movie 8 for my sister, 'cause I watched it without her, and I think I want to see Kaido Kid again. And Porco Rosso, an old 300 MB copy. Quality doesn't look to be too unbearable, so... we'll see. I need a better copy at some point, or the DVD. Can wait though.

Also, need to split watching friends pages to one page with people who update 1+ times a day, and people who update rarely, or have posts that just seem unspastic/or something, so I miss commenting them.

Still...need to get a paid account and fix up my layouts.

To do:
-New S2 based layout, working off the code used to make Xella's layout, 'cause I made it flexible enough that I should be able to alter it to fit mine without too many problems.

-Applescript FileServ script - 80% complete, currently in the debug stage.

-Figuring out what's wrong with my DVD->DV conversion process and why the video falls out of sync with the audio. FARQING HELL. Need more hard drive space.

-Studying. Everyone else has winter break work, I should do something to. Like japanese.

-Need to e-mail my adviser and see if he found my sheet that has the credits that I get from highschool.

You know, the nice thing about spam is, now and days, I no longer get breast enhancement ads... only penis ones. At least they know I'm a guy now. I think . . . . .
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