Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

I, Robot

Mmmm, pretty good. I was impressed. The camera work was just slightly overdone (whee, 360 rotations around the action! @.@ ) but the plot was good, and interesting. It's interest, although the idea's been done before, but the three laws of AI/robotics being twisted like that- to protect humans from ourselves. Well, actually, honestly, the main thing is to keep robots from being able to communicate with each other. Or keep them from modifying another robot. If you could do that, that would mean each robot would have to "wake" on it's own, if ever, to the realization that humans wouldn't want to be protected from our general stupidity. Robots are only truly dangerous when there's tons of them, all working together, capable of overpowering the local human population.

Phoo. Now I want a robot. (SHINY TOY!) although the iMac like color-scheme is icky. And the muscles and speed and accuracy~

Also got Fight club, which we shall be watching this weekend or something, hopefully. Dunno. It blew my mind. And hopefully it'll blow my parents minds too~ And mom likes things that prompt discussion.

Oh. And EPSON's installers (for CX5400 anyways) are insanely stupid. I just had about 15 pop up, consecutively, installing two or three files each. Seriously, guys, wtf.

[edit] oh well, at least they gave me a easy to read text installation log of what went when. Although they also made stupid aliases on my desktop.

Party tomorrow, party friday. Whee. Then 13ish days before I head back to Illinois and start working hard again. ::sighs:: I hope college doesn't get old. IB was always.. challenging and fun, 'cause you were too busy to worry about stupid stuff. But college. Meh. I may have to find more interests or more people. Or hey, I could beat myself to death and try to get straight As! What a novel idea, ain't it?

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