Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Sleepover and the Phantom of the Opera Movie

> Sleepover!
Yay~ My first sleepover since... elementary school, third grade. Or was it fifth grade? Second sleepover in my entire life. Mmmm. ::hugs Sis:: Thanks for having me over.
Let's see.. stayed up 'til 5 watching movies (Robin Hood Men in Tights, The Producers "Springtime~ for Hitler~ and Germany~!", and Soul...something or other "Do you believe in the power of the soul?"), then went to sleep in jeans and what I had been wearing 'cause I left my pajamas in school, not expecting to need them, woke back up at 10ish~ Looked dazed and more confused than usual for a good while through breakfast, then was summoned home due to changed plans to eat out with family friends.

Lunch was at some restaurant. Ok food, I guess... then
> Phantom of the Opera, 2004 Movie

Which was very disappointing. Well, no. Not really. I lie. The ending was good.. some stuff was rushed, bit and pieces were disconnected, but overall, it was shiny and pretty. Didn't like their way of presenting past and future, 'though the transitions were nice.

What I hated most was the fact that most of the actors didn't actually sing the musical parts. Yes, I know it's hard to find matching pretty voices with pretty faces with good acting skills, but they managed to do it for the major guy roles. The girls... 'specially Christine, didn't look like they were singing AT ALL. Watching them lip-sync was painful, at times. I'm pretty sure the phantom actually sang all of his parts. Raul (sp?) sang some of his... Mmmm, yeah. Foooooooo.

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