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IBNeko's Journal-Nyo~!
Oooh. Not nakid. ::snickers::

Don't have ridiculously buff abs but still interested in attracting
like-minded folk? Do you regularly enjoy the blank, dull stares
of clueless passersbys? Like Duct-tape, A ThinkGeek t-shirt will
cure what ails ya and fix the rest. For a limited time you can
get 10% off all ThinkGeek t-shirts! The offer is available for a
limited time only (expires 1/11/2005). Valid on any ThinkGeek
unisex/mens shirt, ladies shirt, kids shirt or dog shirt. Even
good for our partner shirts like O'Reilly, Penny Arcade, and PVP.
There's over 200 geek infested shirts to choose from, so get as
many as you like, each and every one of 'em will be 10% off! To
use this promotion, simply use the following code during checkout
in the promotion code field:


FYI, this promo cannot be used with any other promotions or
discounts (except gift certificates - use those willy nilly).
Also, this promo doesn't apply to golf shirts, work shirts,
sweat-shirts, and other stuff that ain't t-shirts!

10% off~
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