Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Ah! My Goddess!

Famous old manga and OVA... and now, the TV series has aired (yesterday morning, actually).


For the curious: the story's about a guy (dorky, kinda like me, minus the glasses and female friends.) who dials the wrong number and reaches the "Goddess Hotline", thus summoning a beautiful goddess who offers to grant one wish. Obviously, the poor, sex-starved boy asks that the goddess become his girlfriend (or something along those lines), and thus she stays and they have a cute, and occasionally romantic relationship.

The trailer is up on, for any that's interested. (7.5 MB, avi file: 29 seconds, Video: 3vix decoded ok, Audio: MP3)

You know what'd be pretty awesome? If google donated one dollar for each page they claim they search.

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