Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Apple Keynote! (Partially)

-Spiffy looking stuff. iChat... Multi-chat would be cool _if_ there were enough people who had it. And if iChat was skinnable and sexier (ie, took less screen space)
-H.264. WTF? I thought this came out a long time ago? FFMPEG has it as an option, I know.
-Spotlight. Hey, look, I have a better version! It's called QuickSilver and looks sexier, 'cause it doesn't take up menubar space!
-Dashboard looks pretty cool though.
-Mail. And update huh. Looks good.... Maybe they'll make it better?

iPhoto. Mmmm, if it's as fast and as comfortable as it seems, I may stop promoting iView MediaPro... While iView has most of these features (like multimedia-movie/font/document supports, etc.), there's no spiffier transitions, no music, no in-program-picture-fixing. However, it all depends on how iPhoto keeps the sources... if it rearranges things in your Pictures folder, that is _bad_.

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