Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Almost like home~ almost.

Working on our school's iMacs in the student union... the flower-like kind iMacs... copied in a number of preference files, the adium prefs, and now I'm running BitTorrent (which hit 600 Kb/s down... found another lab that's wide open to the real world! No port blocking!) and adium (prettyness, my own! miiiiine~) and safari (with my own bookmarks again!)

Yeah, um. anyways. A few links, from porsupah:
First, the lj_dev post from our livejournal maintainer on the recent power outage. This is why pushing red buttons are BAD. =^.^= But we push them anyways, 'cause they're red and like, "Don't push me!".
Next, The Apple Store Of The Future. :D Just kidding, of course...

And um, not a link, but a cute userpic:


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