Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Post. Waiting for the bus.

Yeeeah. I've got 10 minutes before the next 22 bus comes. Why they don't run it more often on the weekends, I don't know. (every half hour, on the :02 and :32)

I'll be going... northwards, either to the union, everitt, ISR, or Loomis to get some work done. Stuff due in the next three days:

MATH385: Midnight (tonight) (10% done - large)
PHYS211: Prelab, tomorrow night 7PM (not started - very small)
ECE290: Mallard, tomorrow night 1AM (we thinks?) (2/5 remaining - medium)
PHYS211: Online Pretest and homework due 8 AM tuesday morning (not started - small)
ECE290: Written, wednesday class (not started - large)
ECE290: Lab, due... at some point. (not started - large)

next week. And next next week.

Oh, and the performance yesterday night went pretty well. ...Aside from me not catching an impressive (probably 1 floor high) throw. Threw it too far backwards and stepped back to catch it, but misjudged distance. Eh well. We got good food, although we didn't eat too much, 'cause it was... crowded and I personally was way too nervous.

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