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Tick tock~

Where has all of my time gone, anyways? You'd think this was a lighter semester, since I'm not taking Japanese, but Nooooooo, I'm still pressed for time.

I really want to code again, do the appointment maker thing, for my prof, but at this rate, I'm consistently short on time. Then again, coding, for me, requires a good 4-5 hour chunk of free time. And there isn't that much of that.

I should e-mail her back though. It's been..... 3?4 weeks since we met, and talked, and I'm afraid I really haven't gotten back to her. It's been on my mind, but it hasn't gotten anywhere. I have a list of stuff to handle set up, and in all honest, I'm ready to code, but I'd like to run things past her once more, and get an OK. That, and I'm not sure how to make it pretty. Not like that matters that much. As long as it's human friendly, it shouldn't be a problem at all. I'll need to make tables, to display calendars. Slightly annoying, 'cause tables in html is... well, annoying.

I'm nearly done with math, on the last section/problem chunk, with 5 subproblems to do.

So many good songs in Wicked . . .

[note] Just noticed the link for the Low quality version of wicked doesn't work. This is now fixed. why didn't anyone tell me? Did everyone go after the 320 CBR one? - However, the file sizes listed are incorrect. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. THEY LIIIIIIEEEEEE.

Live recordings have been posted. Go check them out~ they're interesting.

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