Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I'm done with my english oral. It went more or less well, was panicked as expected and spoke too quickly, ending up with 9 minutes, instead of the 12-15. Oh well.

And the physics test was delightfully simple. Probably means at least 8 small stupid mistakes on my part, but yeah. I was the first to turn it in. Seriously must be something wrong with that.... I did answer all the questions, right..? ::stops bouncing to think:: ...yeah, I'm sure I did.... ::goes back to bouncing::

::insert pictures of kitten on a (emotional) sugar-high, bouncing madly around the room::

Alas, history makeup quiz moved to next thurday (grr. oh well).

To do:
EE Rough Draft. 500 words. <-- only thing that's really due tomorrow.
Chinese Essay. 300 characters. <-- should do, but in case of fire, pull alarm. Oh, I mean.. yeah. Maybe it'll get done.
World Lit rough draft: all of it.
Palmer: all of it.
Piano: eh, heh, heh... sorry mommy... ^^;;
MySQL (IBCorner database): yeah, will fix. Next week?

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