Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Nanaca crash v.105

Unofficial guide: Nanaca crash v.105


Get the boy that you crash into as far as possible. Kinda like the bash the penguin games.

Basic instructions:
Hold down the mouse button to chose your angle, then release to chose hitting power. I've achieved 100%, so that's possible, as well as 0º. And yes, you can pick 90º and 0%, my friend's done that. You will get 0m.

You get three red aerial crashes (girl teleports into the air behind boy and runs into him at an upwards angle. [IMG 1]
You also get unlimited blue aerial crashes, but this takes time to charge, and charging only happens when the boy is on the screen and above the green trees. [IMG 1]
To use an aerial crash, you just click while the word AERIAL is either blue or red.

The SPECIAL box shows you which specials are active for which characters... if a girl is lit up, and the boy runs into said girl, the words "SPECIAL" will pop up [IMG]. Clicking within a second of it appearing will result in a special. Specials for the green and red girl seem to be triggered when you hit a red girl. I dunno more.
Below the SPECIAL box, it'll display the upcoming characters. Their effects follow:

Green girl: STOP!! -stops you. Or, if you get the special (click fast, you have less time on this one!), all the other three who do specials will come in and attack. [IMG 1,2,3,4,5]

Red girl: punch boost. Mostly forwards. Special=sword summon [IMG 0]

Blue girl: kick boost. Sends you 45º upwards too. Special involves much spin kicking and combined with the yellow girl for a combo. [IMG 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8]

Yellow girl: punch boost. Sends you a bit more than 45º upwards. Special involves much uppercutting and get combined with the blue girl for a combo. [IMG 0,1,2,3,4,5,6]

Purple girl: Dodges, then blocks the next girl you're about to hit. Or if it's a guy, she'll appear and go "..." and you'll still hit the guy. [IMG 1,2]

Aqua guy: Slows you down. No special.

Brown guy: Angle up. Useful, but you slow down a bit. Again, no special.
There's also Angle down. Not sure which happens when... [IMG Up, Down]

Essentially, you get blocked (purple girl), and run into a girl with a special (the SPECIAL box will flash the purple girl's image vs. the girl with the special.
This area is incomplete, because they're rather rare:
-typeD Bound Boost: Purple (blocking girl) + Yellow girl on special. This makes the boy yellowish, and he becomes bouncy - your total bouncy height doesn't appear to decrease. [Snapshot, Effect]
-typeB ???: Purple (blocking girl) + Blue girl? on special. This makes the boy take more damage (aka, fly further - you'll get a CHARGE whenever any girls hits him)
-type? ???: ....dunno. Parachute? special. Sends the boy flying horizontally across the screen.

Air based "combos" - semi-pointless. Kinda. Essentially, you click really fast: As you come down, use a red ariel crash to knock you upwards, then a blue ariel crash to knock you downwards, then another red ariel crash to knock you upwards. Should kick up upwards of 100m, although it depends on how fast you originally were going. Or you can just use a blue, then red. Or red then blue. Whatever.

Currently known high score: Dan Tan @ 10000m. There is a screenshot to prove it, but I don't have it right now.
My personal best is 8609.91m.

Personal best in terms of upwards bounce is 198.02m.

I wish I could get movies, but that would involve using SnapzPro, which I don't enjoy mussing with unless I absolutely need too. Plus, do people really want movies?

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