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Ok, a post, then bed.

Seriously. Been drinking shitloads of liquids, am definitely sick with something that's been going around. And I just noticed that I can see my fingers typing on the top rim of my glasses. In a funny sorta reflection... It's a bit disconcerting.

Yeah. Well. Anyways.

The past few days, starting with last thursday:
PHYS211 exam. 90%. First A on an exam for a long time. I think. Well, anyways. Major studying was done, so I was pleased.
MATH385 exam friday. Eh, well... I haven't been reading the Basic files properly. So.. needless to say, it didn't go that well.
ECE290 exam monday. I don't know yet... I managed to finish it, but it was HARD. And I know I definitely got things wrong. But it wasn't an annoying exam.. it was fun, like the homework. Challenging. In the good way. So assuming I don't completely fail (75% and less - yes, my standards for myself have gone up. Finally. XP), I'll be pretty satisfied with whatever I get. I think. Still hoping for an A, but hey, we can't have everything.

Tomorrow's UIUC's 137th's birthday. Humyeah. Happy birthday, fucking univ that's charging me two times the amount you charge in-state students. I had better be getting presents from ya.

Went in for an interview at CSL (computer science lab?) today, for hopefully, a job. The pay's good, and it suits my interests. And it may mean something to do over the future breaks next year since we'll have an apartment. Maybe even this summer, if, you know, nothing else get's planned. Might as well spend time and do work, earn money, buy myself some stuff. is apparently really close to here. I ordered a wireless range extender, ($20-$10 rebate, free shipping), and chose the 7-9 day free shipping. And it got here overnight. I was shocked. Mmm, still waiting for some things from eCost. A USB pen, and a USB hub. Both free after rebate, although there was an odd handing charge connected to the USB pen... Still, just $4... split between the two, a $2 present for someone somewhat techy. It's not a big flash drive though... although the fact that it packs both a real pen and a flash drive, is somewhat cool.

I'll be attending the Student Engineering Leadership Program thurs-sat. Free, with free dinners. And hopefully something interesting. Need to return my library book on friday. Someone kick me.

I now have 10 thingies of Apple stock. Yay. Originally, it was 5, but with their stock-split-thingie, I now have more. Even though each stock thingie's worth half of the original.. so it's really just an illusion. Whatever. I should cancel my sharebuilder's platinum membership. I really don't make that many trades per month to warrant it ($20. Gives me 20 free timed-trades (set up a plan, and it'll buy on an upcoming tuesday. Although selling a stock is like.. $10, as opposed to the free plan of $20 per sell. :P I think).

Whatever, enough rambling out of me. I need to sleep. Need to CALL HOME, and BUY PLANE TICKETS. I keep putting this off. Buggers.

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