Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

.lit files, anyone?

They're apparently Microsoft Reader (eBook) files of some sort.

Haven't tried anything yet, but am downloading Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 (Acrobat Pro, that came with CS is messed up, for some odd reason. ::annoyed:: ). Yeah... Also found an command-line based app that's supposed to convert? lit files? Called Clit. ^^;;;; I'll try that last, I think.

But yeah, found a number of books that I own in eBook format on IRC. These include the Young Wizard series (only books 1-5 T.T, and both of the feline wizard books). And the wonder Sword of truth books~ hehe, yay. Need to go buy the Terry Pratchett books, now that I've gotten the ebook versions and read them. Need money. Need shelf space. Need time. Mmm, need comfy couch and blanket. And a toasty fire. And some hot chocolate. And snow. And canceled classes. And christmassy-air. Yep.


It's spring-summer here. It's sunny, the weather's like~ shine-shine-glare(ahahaha, unsuspecting college student in short sleeves!)-blow(hehe, look at the idiot shiver.)

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