Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Behind-The-Head Collapsible Stereophones

Free, after rebate. If you can pick it up (which I can't ::sigh:: ) you'll only have to pay for tax. Otherwise...

Hm. Shipping isn't an option. Damn.

Also, from where we got cheap handcuffs:
Ultra Bright 4 LED Flashlight (PROMO) - FREE SHIPPING! [NOTE: the free shipping's a plus, 'cause otherwise their shipping's like... $6. For a cheap item, which sucks.]
It's an "machined heavy aluminum L. E. D. Flashlight", which, you know, always comes in handy for beating up annoying people. Or shoving up um... nevermind~ moving on.

It's $6. I'm tempted to buy a few (SHIIIINIES! see, I don't tend to play with fire that much, 'cause it runs out too quickly... now flashlights... hehehehehehehe~). Maybe. I dunno. Does Black Maskers still need working flashlights? ::nudges Sam::

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