Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Neko went driving, made it safely to Borders and back =^.^= Saw Lily (and family) leaving Borders but was amazingly incoherent when asked what I was doing there ^^;; ("Hey! It's Ben! What are you doing here?" "::incoherently:: Umm.. I dunno?? (I actually do know, but mind went poof- then tried to make up for my incoherently by making the peace sign and saying) I drove here, (while nodding enthusiastically like a moron).") Oh well ^^ hope her parent's didn't think I was too weird... >.<

Bought The Reduced Shakespeare Company ^^ Expecting much amusement from it... hopefully. If not, well, then there's Jackie Chan.

And Borders has eps. 1-20 of Hyper Police~!!!! O.O on DVD too... $15 for 4 episodes... wanted to buy it, but wondered at possible comments dad might make about the catgirls. Will buy it some other time, since I have the (digi)fansubs.

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