Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Safari and popups.

'cause annoying people finally found a way around the safari (and other web browser) popup blockers:

Steve Jobs' handwriting analyzed Macworld UK reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs' handwriting has been analyzed by graphologist, Shelia Kurtz. "Unusually, Jobs does not capitalize the first letters of his name, she noted. She's not sure why, 'could it be low self-esteem? Maybe. Could it be that he doesn't let his ego interfere with his understanding? Perhaps.' His handwriting also displays signs of 'serious impatience' and a 'tendency toward sarcasm'."
-, 3/12/05

W00t, new iPod software. And a security update. Although this is probably old news... O.o I don't leave my system awake and connected enough to catch these, apparently. Buggers.

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