Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I hate my conscience sometimes. (between me and my conscience, apparently..)
"Don't hurt your mommy's feeling!"
"But she won't stop whining at me to practice piano!!!" ::sulk::
"Well, you should practice!"
"But I've got this stupid essay to come up with!!!"
"Excuses, excuses, come on, child, if you had better time management.."
"..I don't have better time management."
"..don't interrupt, as I was saying, if you had better time management, you wouldn't have this problem!"
"You think I don't know that??"
"Of course not. Now shut up, stop talking to me, and get back to work!"
"You started it first..."
"Oh shut up and stop being so immature."

=-.-= Yeah.

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