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Was reading rebirthdream's journal and her complaint about guys... and I dunno... ::curls up to think:: I've got to say, I wonder if that's really true, the statement about guys thinking with their balls instead of with their brains... I mean, I try not to do it most of the times, but occasionally it happens anyways... then again, I suppose sometimes it can be (harshly) claimed that girls think with their hearts instead of their brains, so in a way it's kinda equal.. maybe. I dunno. There's probably some sort of vague question in this post, just I'm not too sure what it is...

Or maybe I'd like to give some sort of defense for the guys...? 'cept I can't think of anything. Well, 'cept for... mef, I dunno. (::blinks:: my headphone's making funny clicky sounds... or maybe it's the song... O.o)

People seem to get more horny during the springtime... (haha, animals too, yes). Got to wonder why...

Wonder if I should turn off the block robot indexing thing for all of my journals... 'cause it's possible to find about 3 or 4 of the 11 or 12 journals I keep scattered around on the net. Then again, some of them aren't updated at all... I actually only update the livejournal type ones... should go update pitas or work on making it look nicer...

Yeah, enough babbling for a while, time to head back to work.

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