Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Something new and interesting...

The most interesting... "transfer files through firewalls and NATs"

What is it? looks like a new filesharing program, but based a) around socializing, then b) sharing. And it's integrated with theFaceBook, but I'm not too sure how integrated it is... It could easily be shut down by laq inforcement though, since it _looks_ (at first glance) like it runs off a central server..................

I can send out invites - you'll need one to download the fileserver/client thing - yes, there's MacOS X and windows support - yay for them - it's python based, unless I'm mistaken. If you want an invite, comment. My only requirement is that you be a current friend. I'm not going to give invites to random strangers, 'cause you know, you could be evil people trying to examine and break the nice new system.

I'd like to know how it transfers files through firewalls and NATs. Probably through other clients who are open? Or maybe by adding the request to a message that's transmitting back to someone behind a firewall? I dunno.......

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