Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Yeah, a bit about spring break...

..then bed.

It's currently 1:15 AM. Or 2:15 AM, eastern time. I.. did nothing, really, over spring break. Aside from sleeping too much, then too little last night (am dead tired right now. On 2 hours of sleep with a headache that's plagued me all day. You know, I think over the whole duration of high school, someone was there watching over me and taking away these body-physical pains like headaches (onto themselves?)... I've gone to school with 2 hours of sleep before, and while dead tired, I never had a lasting headache....)

Yeah, rambling forward...

Still don't have summer plans. I know Lily might be going to canada to visit Karen and some of Lily's friends there, and I'd like to follow, but we all know I'm still physically a guy, and thus, that tends to cause problems. Still, I'd like to go... and parental units have not put up a great fuss against me going. Am getting the impression that if I sort out the plans myself, I can go. Would be nice if other people could come along~ we could all go wandering across canada! Or something. Ouqi's also invited me to go up to Boston to visit her, she'll be interning at Gillette... Ouqi and shiny blades? Hmm. Oh, what shiny blades you have! / Easier to cut your clothes off, my dear.. ::shudder::

Or, third option is going with mom to Taiwan to see grandparents. Will last... 10-14 days. Two weeks, which isn't bad, but still seems like a long time.

Personal plans for the summer include getting proficient in C/++ since lots of companies require it. :P Sucks though, 'cause I don't like C. Perl and Java's better. Still haven't finished the perl project my professor suggested I try doing. Still have to meet with her to discuss details of the project. But at this rate, I'd like to just code it, bring that to her and tweak, then get it over with. I'm getting tired of my own procrastinating of the project, mostly because it's dull and been done before.

Yeah, 'nuff rambling for tonight. I need to ramble more, haven't done so for a long time, and my journal's been dry. Give me topics, people. Personal (me~) information/queries only, I'm not going to ramble on and on about politics, war, fish, cows, etc.

[edit] Hah, yeah, make it a meme! "Give me something to ramble about, something about me. Then post this in your own journal to invite others to let you ramble." Or something. Feel free to reword. I'm not too... coherent at 1:30 AM with 2 hours of official sleep (slept fitfully on the plane and on the bus... but....) in the last 48 hours.

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