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Oh... shit.

I think, while making my Altoids iPod Backup Battery, I managed to fry something. Now my iPod doesn't appear when I plug it into my computer...

And I don't see it in System Profiler. As in, I don't see anything plugged into the Firewire Bus.

Although it does charge... Which is sorta good, 'cause then I can plug it directly into my computer to charge it without having to eject it once it connects.

But um, yeah. Downside is, I can't change what's on my iPod now............ Damn.

Reason why I suspect I blew something while making my backup battery? I couldn't figure out which contacts on the firewire plug I was supposed to use.. So I sorta just tried everything. ^^;;; And probably hit a data one...

Yes, I'm in EE. No, I don't know how to fix it. No, the problem isn't that major, it's just sucky. I should go enter more iPod (and iPod mini) drawings.

You know, I was always worried that the battery would die and I'd be left with an expensive paperweight/external hard drive... But now, with the external backup battery, and the cheap ($25, last time I checked) internal battery replacement kits, it's no longer a problem. Now the problem is, how do I fix it... Maybe I could buy someone's broken iPod from eBay and patch in new parts...? Anyone else have a G3 iPod that they want to sell? Somewhere between $0 to $100 would be ok, I guess. Although I suppose it'd be more worthwhile for me to just get another one.... $0 to $80? $50? Mmm, see, I'd like to fix (or upgrade) the current one I have, 'cause it was my birthday present, with an engraved back and all. Despite the engravings being free anyways... >.> I _could_ buy another one and have it engraved with the same message... But I don't like the new click wheel sort, 'cause moving parts = bad. Hold switch is ok, but with the touch wheel, where nothing can get in... I like it, and I know there's others who agree with me...

Mreow. What to do, what to do...

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