Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


I shouldn't have posted the previous entry. Know what happened right after I did ('bout 5 minutes afterwards, anyways..)

My iBook DIED. Like, Got a line across the screen, then the screen started to fade to green...then purple... and now it doesn't boot anymore. It turns on, the fan runs on high continuously, and occationally, the screen will have shades of green and purple and white...

Fuck, fuck, fuck. And I haven't backed up anything other than music and anime for a while. So if I send it in and they do reformat my hard drive, I'll lose a good deal of work. Damn. Also means I can't continue my math homework and I'll have to start over from scratch.

It also means my calendar's unaccessable. And I don't remember much aside from the several upcoming tests.

I think. I think I had DAV turned on, so I'll have to check and see where I was sending it to.

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