Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang


Well, the good news is that the iPod be not completely fried - I borrowed a friends USB cable and tried that - mounted without problems, until my battery died. What I get for leaving it plugged into a computer that wasn't on all night. Firewire, alas, does not work. Now, the question is, do I want to spend 'bout 10-15 dollars for a USB cable and go with that? Or should I spend 30 for a logic board off eBay? If I go with the logic board option, I may also grab a hard drive while I'm at it... there was one going for .99 last time I checked, although it's probably gone up by a lot. The other one was at about 50 something. Still... 10->20GB upgrade would be nice. Or I could try and get that broken iPod someone's selling...

In otherwords: Go for risky, self-install, but a recovery of all capabilities? Or play it safe, and use USB?

'cause at some point in the near future - 6 or so months, I'd expect, I'll need to replace the current battery. 'cause while having the backup battery pack there powering/charging it... doesn't quite work that well. 'cause I listen to my iPod 'bout 1-3 hours a day, between classes, and often while working on homework... so, walking time.. at least an hour a day... would deplete the backup battery pack in 10 days. Which is not a good thing... 9V batteries be annoyingly expensive at that rate.

Apple has been called, and a box is on it's way to me. Again. So I'll be computer-less for one to two weeks. Again. And this time with even less preperation - mail has not been migrated, although recent backups of my music and pictures folders means that the less recoverable large stuff is safe. Smaller items, like my class notes, recent acquisions/additions to my collection of links, clips, and random non-school documents, may be lost... rolling back to pre-collage point - not that big of a loss... I typically don't take that many notes that I'll refer back to. I don't recall if I had deleted aforementioned stuff (backups from the last logic board failure) of my external in a fit of cleaning and organizing though... I do, however, have an automated backup copy of my calendar - useful, actually, since that means I won't forget everything I need to do in the near future...


I need backup scripts.

Yeah, it's 2 AM again. ::siiiigh:: at least I can say I had fully studied for tomorrow's test, despite not having my notes (got them off someone else - but I had been actively taking notes, which means, I knew most of the stuff, so all of it was reading-review-date memorizing.). Online reading was light, thankfully, and only took the past hour. Hardcopy-book reading was slightly longer, and took me from 11-12ish. Anyhow. Yeah, bed. Hopefully, that box comes soon... I need a compuuuter. >.> I should try and get a mac mini for these occations. Although I suppose that would mean needing to get a monitor as well... Buggers.

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