Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Great deals on ThinkGeek.

** SkyTag(TM) - Green Laser Pointer Aircraft Tracker !! **
We've always been enamored of the green laser pointer here at
ThinkGeek. The way it looks, the way it points, that mesmerizing green
beam it projects. But we became tired of pointing such an advanced
piece of physics on the white board, or using it to mess with cats and
dogs. That's why we created SkyTag, the world's first GPS green laser
pointer mounted in a motorized base that allows you to track and tag
aircraft at your own convenience! Pointing your green laser pointer has
never been more risky!

** iCopulate(TM) - Quickly transfer files from iPod to iPod !! **
ThinkGeek understands that both you and your iPod need love and
attachment every so often. That's why we created the iCopulate. This
sleek and sexy device allows you to mate two consenting second
generation or later iPods together for an experience nobody will
forget. Transfer music and files between iPods digitally without a
computer! Have a pal with great iPod songs you've been wanting to own?
Why wait? iCopulate now. It's simply great pod on pod action that's
reasonably priced and fun to watch.

** Fundue(TM) - USB Desktop Fondue Set !! **
Here at the ThinkGeek offices we are surrounded by those traditional
suburbia food traps. The typical crappy deli and the occasional edible
pizza. So, we decided we would take desktop food culture into our own
hands and we created the Fundue, a USB powered desktop culinary
experience that will transform your lunches to a new realm. Get
instantly sophisticated now!

** SnoozAlert(TM) - World's first sleep and then awake aid !! **
For generations folks have been taking medicines to fall asleep and
stimulants to wake up. The problem with this routine is not the damage
done to the body and mind, but rather the idiocy of not realizing it
can all be accomplished with a single pill. Enter SnoozAlert. The
World's first 'Sleep And Awake Aid' in a single pill. Every pill
features a knock-out quantity of dream-inducing goodness and also a
specially formulated time-released caffeine component that would wake
up a bear in winter. Check out the World's first alarm clock pill right

** Executive Desktop PONG - with wireless bluetooth paddles !! **
In honor of the video game that started the gaming revolution,
ThinkGeek has created the ultimate desktop PONG console. This small
footprint, Hi-styled unit features a DLP Multi-LED projector, an OLED
touchscreen display, and a pair of bluetooth wireless paddles that will
allow you to play the original game of PONG anywhere you can find a
flat surface. In style. One or two players baby. It's the most blinged
out PONG console humankind will ever create. And it pays ultimate
homage to what was the most important paradigm shift in computing the
world will ever realize. Just imagine the wizardry of PONG with the
benefit of modern technology and you'll know why we created this
masterpiece. Ping. Bling. Pong.

** MegaMags(TM) - Life size version of popular desktop Magnetic sets **
MegaMags are the most extreme magnetic home and outdoor construction
kit money can buy. Specially built for those who aren't satisfied with
building magnetic structures at their desk. MegaMags are life size
magnetic rod and ball kits and can help you to build some of the most
massive magnetic erections in the comfort of your own back yard or
parking lot!

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