Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Ah, yeah, speaking of April Fool jokes...

I woke up a bit earlier to check for the nice boxy from Apple to send in my iBook. Not finding it, I decided to head to class a bit earlier. Where we were to have a test. So, I cheerfully took out paper, tape, and a pen, and proceeded to write up a notice: "Today's test has been canceled. Instead, there will be a three page essay. Please have pens (Blue or Black ink ONLY) ready. We will provide paper.", and at the bottom, "EALC250 04/01/05".

Got to include that date, yo~ And see who's awake enough to realize it.

So... the row in front of me got the joke and I heard, "Yeah, it's definitely an april fools joke", but behind me (a gaggle of blonds...) were frantically trying to find black or blue pens, and saying how much they hated the teacher. "She should just fall off a cliff and die!".

And later, "Busey-Evans (Oodles) has been closed, due to a kitchen fire. Management - 04/01/05". Much less believeable, I'm afraid, but probably more amusing.

Yeah. I was amused. Some people, less so. Eh well. Happy April Fools day, yo~

[edit] kinda surprised that google doesn't have anything up... You'd think they'd think of something, like... "Google has been purchased by livejournal and will no longer search the web. Instead, we'll be searching your journals. All of it. Including the private entries."

[edit 2]Hehe, brad, our livejournal god;

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