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Yeeeah. My second physics hour exam was much worse than I thought I did. Which shows that I really don't know anything beyond the basic linear crap... RMHS people - What is the physics textbook we used? And does anyone remember what happened to the answer key CD? There was a shitload of problems in that book, and the answer key's pretty good too, and I desperately need the practice. I need to get 100 on both my next hour exam, and my final. And even then, I'd still be hard pressed to pull off the A I wanted, and originally had...

This is ridiculus. And highly depressing. Combined with my iBook being dead, my iPod having it's own problems, a math hour exam that's going to whip my ass if I don't study hard enough - I'm doing, now, equally as bad there as I am in physics. And I don't know how I'm doing in ECE, but it can't be that great. And EALC hasn't been a definite A either. Am I really that stupid? Why do all of the companies ask for 3.5 GPAs? And why are there people who GET 3.5 GPAs in engineering...

It's not fair. I may have to help my friend build his killer robots.

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