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1. When you have a problem, who do you go to for help/advice/support?

2. When you accomplish something, who do you tell first?

3. Who's your emotional "foundation"?

I was just curious, mostly because I was filling out a survey... and...
1. I don't go to people, typically, unless it's a homework problem: then I'd ask friends. Otherwise, I'd poke the problem first... Well, no, occasionally, there's relationship things that I'll ask you guys (livejournal friends), but that's usually limited to a smaller closed circle of advice. I dunno. I think I personally put a lot into being able to stand on your own... which can be problematic.

2. Hah. Whoever's nearby? Friends anyways... Or just... bask in my own happyness? Like a reverse feedback loop that goes up and not the depressing sort that goes downwards.

3. Myself. I'm preeeetty sure of this one. The presence of friends will add to this, or any recent accomplishments, but, as stated above, self-reliance, yo. Besides, being needy (which I am, ever so often) means you'll need someone. And someone isn't always there to be needed. oooh, that probably made no sense. Ok, shower, then bed.

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