Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Day of Silence: summary

It was interesting, although, sadly to say, I decided to end at 5 PM, since that was when everyone else was breaking their day of silence. So it was like a~ morning+afternoon of silence. Oh well. Keeping silent for the whole day would have been much much harder.

And I figured out why I had that need to talk? It's because I talk to my self, constantly, throughout the day. And part of not talking yesterday meant I couldn't do that.

Hm, I'm weird.


And there's something STILL wrong with my iBook. Now, when I plug in the power adaptor, it doesn't always light up... no, I should say, it doesn't always charge the machine. When it doesn't light up as orange, it's not charging the battery. And it doesn't light up as green either.... Not a big deal, but still a hassle, 'cause that means I have to plug and unplug and plug and unplug (thrusting in and out... ::mutters::) the adaptor end until it does light up. And I don't know why... However, leaving it plugged in (without it lighting up as orange OR green) still sends power into the machine... but doesn't charge the battery. WTF? I'm calling Apple after lunch, once I bring my computer elsewhere and see if it's the charger that's messed up, or the iBook. ::sigh:: In a way, I'm hoping it's the iBook. 'cause that would mean I might be able to get a refund and get a PowerBook?

Oooh, now that's weird. I just saw the power indicator flash RED? and then blink out. As I was pushing the battery in (upwards, really) and then letting it go... might be a battery problem? >.>

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