Benjamin Juang (ibneko) wrote,
Benjamin Juang

Wicked, the novel, and other things.

I... didn't like it that much. While I found that I've missed reading about details and letting my mind analyze them, the whole Greek Tragedy basis for the book is rather depressing. I would recommend it, still, I suppose. It's juicy. [lj-cut]I feel sorry for the Elphaba. Driven by fate, if one might put it, and died because of an innocent mistake. But she was the clearest minded of them all. Until the end, when obsession overtook her... The book also leaves much to be discussed and thought over. And it does include discussion questions at the end... almost as if it could become the next book to analyze in an English classroom. Or perhaps, ToK, if properly approached.[/lj-cut]

And the other things:
...and I've realized that I'm a lot more fragile that I had self-analyzed. Apparently, a large portion of my self-esteem/self-worth is based on the knowledge/self-delusion that there's someone out there who loves me. I've called the validity of the knowledge into question too many times now, and that facade is cracking. ::grumbles:: And discovering that so much is based on something so... unstable... is slightly alarming. Shall have to do something about this. Time to dream and find myself and rewrite things*. If that can be done.

*myself, I mean, and how I think. I don't wish to alter others, or fate, to make things work the way I desire. Besides, I'm not even sure I can anymore... not much has worked quite as I'd like it for a while, especially technology. always had that going for me.. but now.... I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm getting better at magic? Or stronger? Or using it more often? I'd still like to think that one could combine spells and technology, however.

Shower, then Damekko Doubutsu to cheer me up (hopefully. Nothing like silly chibi furries in reverse roles - a badass rabbit, a klutzy leopard, a nearsighted eagle, a cowardly wolf, and a drunk unicorn - to cheer me up) Oh, and if anyone interested in watching an episode (it's not those full half-hour episodes, and the file size is small - less than 50 MB, usually), please tell me. I'd love to share.

Next on my reading list: Either The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (online ebook... there's so many copies, if you hit google with a sentence from the novel), seeing how the movie's coming out, or Howl's Moving Castle (one of the books I picked up in that 10 for $4 deal. So sweet.)

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